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Water Leaks: 7 Common Causes in NWA

There are several variables that can cause pipes to leak as well as your plumbing to not be as effective as it once may have been. Here are 7 of the most common causes for water leaks in your home.

1. Dripping Faucet
A dripping faucet can waste hundreds of gallons of water each year. From an economic perspective, that could amount to a substantial amount on your water expense. If over a hundred gallons of water a month literally going down the drain doesn’t sound like a whole lot, then consider the amount of money wasted. The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency estimates that the most noticeable leakage issue in a residence is brought on by a dripping faucet; fixing one can save almost 10% of a property owner’s water bill.
2. Rusty Pipes
Older residences are at a much greater threat for corrosion damage due to the use of copper and steel pipes. The rust can accumulate and block the flow of water in the pipes as well as cause serious rusting which could deteriorate the pipes.
3. Water Leaks Under the Sink
We see this all the time. Individuals store way too much things under their sinks. This clutter often knocks a pipe loose and can cause, at first, a slow leak that frequently can go unseen and eventually create significant water damage and mold growth.
4. Irregular or Excessive Water Pressure
High water pressure may really feel great, yet extreme or irregular pressure could stress your pipes. A lot of pipes as well as faucets can only withstand a certain degree of water pressure. Any type of added pressure can cause leaks. If you feel concerned about your water pressure, have a professional plumber check the pressure. If too much water is moving through the pipes too swiftly at excessive pressure it can strain as well as crack the pipes.
5. Tree Roots
Several of the most typical water leaks really start outdoors instead of in your home. For instance, tree roots can invade water lines causing moisture to seep out right into your lawn. If you notice any new damp patches or sink holes in your backyard, experience an unexpected decrease in water pressure, or have trees growing very near your residence, have a plumber look for intrusion by these roots.
6. Earthquakes and Ground Settling or Movement
Water leaks can be caused by the natural settling and motion of your residence in time. This can be greatly intensified by living in earthquake country, If you see cracks in the wall or foundation your pipes may be stressed as well. Excessive activity can result in cracked as well as broken pipes and also leaks that worsen with time. Your house’s plumbing system is much more at risk to damage after an earthquake, specifically if it has not been inspected and taken care of on a regular basis.
7. Frozen Pipes
A common cause of water leaks during the winter months are frozen pipes. Water in an unprotected pipe freezes and begins to expand inside the pipe. This cause a great deal of pressure which can eventually burst the pipe. When you run a small trickle of water in your kitchen or bathroom sink on a very cold night, you are in effect keeping the water moving and avoiding this pressure build up of ice.
If you’re looking to keep your plumbing in top shape to avoid water damage as well as expensive structural repairs call It’s Plumbing, Inc. at (479) 278-2403 to examine your home for water leaks and other plumbing problems.

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